Regional Programming Liaison

A coder monkey who brings a new meaning to the term "programmer art", Robert joined the project in the fall of 2013. A stout believer that Egyptian Brackets suck and has been known to use Pokemon Exception Handling one to many times. Jargon Reference

Alpha 1.4.7

Take a look at what your friends have been leaving around Ur.

We have just a few updates today. It’s been a busy time but we wanted to release some of the new stuff that’s been sitting around for a while for you to enjoy.

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Server Instability

This is a quick note about recent server issues. Over the past ~week our server has been not super stable. This is not the fault of our game server, but rather of our hosting provider. They have been experiencing some instability in the data center.

Due to this, you may have noticed that you cannot always connect to the game (or the forums). We are sorry about this and are working on resolving the issue, but it is mostly out of our control.

We’ll keep you posted on the status. But for now, if you can’t get in to play hopefully you can try again later and have a bit of fun then 🙂

A programmer walks into a bar and asks the bartender for 1.00000000000003123939 root beers. Bartender says, "I'll have to charge you extra, that's a root beer float." Programmer says, "Better make it a double."

Programming humor

Continuing with our behind the scenes series, I wanted to talk to you today about some of the tooling that we use as a team to get stuff done.

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Updates and features!

This is a little more organized, isn't it?

This is a little more organized, isn’t it?

It’s been a little while since we’ve pushed new features to the game. But that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been building them. One thing that tends to happen, at least for me, is that I’ll start working on something and get it to a sort of prototype state and then leave it for a while to go work on something else. Partly because I get distracted and partly because I want to get some feedback from the other devs before I keep going.

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Funny trees are funny.

Funny trees are funny.

So, when I posted about the talking trees, I had taken a few phrases from Tiny Speck’s source code and included it in ours. But there’s one problem, we already know all those jokes!

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A winter’s day update

Hello all. I hope you are not getting too much snow. But if you don’t want to go out and shovel your driveway, I’ve got something fun for you to do instead.

Here's what our login page looks like now.

Here’s what our login page looks like now.

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A Long Road to Progress

It’s been a while. I say this because I think the last post I put up was back in September. We’ve been busy in the meanwhile. Of course the fall months brought schoolwork and holidays which kept our pace down a little, but I’m here to tell you what we have done since then (if I can remember it all).

The new v2 of our UI.

The new v2 of our UI.

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If you have ever found yourself lonely in the world of Ur, now you can share it with the company of the trees. If you harvest, water or pet a tree, you’ll see that it now produces a bit of dialog to tell you what it thought of your action. Just wanted to put up a little thing to hopefully make your experience just a little more fun.

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A little update

Hello folks.

I just have a little quality of life style update for you tonight. After our last update that allowed you to look like anyone you wanted to, we heard a few things that were still bugging you.

Now of course we’ve not magically finished the game, but here is what we have done for you:

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Filling up the world

tumblr_inline_nad6f0XaIt1sa37e6Hello everyone!

We’ve been hard at work recently to bring us all closer to being able to fully explore the world of Ur. I just pushed live a few changes for the client for your to enjoy.

First, I know that as soon as we started having multiple items for you to carry around, people wanted to be able to do something with them to free up space. Well that’s now a possibility:

You can drop items directly from your bags onto the ground and someone else can come along and pick it up if they wish.
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